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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 16, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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ending up with some sun. all of the details on the forecast, all coming up. torrey? >> we will get to tore any just a moment, right now we want to update breaking news. police investigating a deadly shooting in the home circle section of the sit. >> i victim was actually shot to death while trying to visit his girlfriend apparently. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo pick up the story live from the scene this morning, good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and ukee, this 32 year old man is death, police say, shot and killed by a man who lives in a second floor apartment here at this apartment complex, in home circle. but, police say, this may and big miss understanding, the victim is actually the boyfriend of the homeowner's daughter, and he was possibly mistaken for a home intruder. now, this deadly shooting unfolded here just before midnight at the home circle apartments, on the 2700 block of axe factory road. police say the victim was shot after he climbed through a
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second floor rear bedroom apartment window, shot, they say, by a 41 year old man who lives here, well, it turns out, that 41 year old shares the apartment with his 20 year old daughter. and police say the victim was her boyfriend. that victim was confronted by the woman's father, in the second floor bedroom, police say, there was possibly a struggle, then the victim shot in the head. he was taken to torresdale hospital where he was later pronounced dead. police say the initial report for this incident came in as a home intruder. so a lot still needs to be sorted out. the 41 year old called 911, and has since been taken to northeast detective for questioning as a witness along with his 20 year old daughter, we're told, that 20 year old daughter was also in a different bedroom when all of this was happening. of course, this is a developing story, so just as soon as we have more information, we will pass it right along to you, but for now live in home circle, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, jan. more breaking news, 24 year old woman is in critical condition following an overnight shooting in
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kensington. >> police say two men fired at least ten shots at the victim, while she sat on the front steps after home on 3400 block of braddock street, hit three times in her hospital, currently undergoing surgery, still no word on what sparked this gunfire. and right now, the search on for gunman continuing this morning after a man is shot inside philadelphia bar. "eyewitness news" here on east luzerne street, in juniata last night, police say a 28 year old man was shot multiple times inside family tavern at around 10:00 last night. the suspect is described only as a man wearing a red hooded sweatshirt. the detectives still looking at surveillance video. also interviewing several witnesses at this time. >> new this morning, residents are awakened when suv slams into their apartment building in the olney section of the city. suv rounded the corner at second and champ close, importantly after midnight, hitting corner store with apartments above it. four people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
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just about 5:03, here is your traffic and weather together. katy? >> ukee, good morning, everybody, i got to tell you, yesterday i absolutely needed my jacket. this morning, i forgot it on the front seat of my car. it was like oh, no! but now, now i'm out here, and not that bad. definitely warmed up for us, which is good news. lots, it has clouded over. we start things off with a quick check of storm scan3, see activity starting to fire up. looking at three hour loop. things have quickly started to turn, we call it, more active here, with some showers, even just some steady bursts cents of rain, through chester county, portions of berks, all comes interest this guy, larger picture, which is just passing and very speedy frontal boundary. now the bulk of moisture very evident off to the north. we end one granted couple of showers, even couple of bursts of rain in some spots. but this isn't going to be anything more than nuisance. nothing more than a couple of tents of an inch if that. and, otherwise, scattered showers, let than ideal
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timing. cost through with main impact from now up until the end of the typical morning rush. now, as far as temperatures go, i wanted to tell you currently at 62 at the airport here on the cbs-3 skydeck, about 63, have i, very modest breeze, so even i am actually comfortable, 55 trenton, 55 atlantic city, far cry from the cool air in place yesterday at this very same time under the clear sky. now, around the region we go. second half of the day looks so much better than the the first. clouds to contends with, couple of showers like we mentioned, some of which could proof to bring couple of brief bursts every rain, then i would say as early as lunch we're clearing out quickly. so second hafter of the day featuring more sunshine, just feeling a lot nicer, as well as you warm back up into the 70s, vet tore crashes back to you. >> sounds like great day, even though we're dealing with a little something something, weaver something to look forward tonight just like our rush usually, when we deal with the little something-something, things usually calm down. just as calm as they are right now. let's get outside, take a look at the vine st. expressway, no
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delays in either direction, as very, very quiet morning to start your tuesday. eastbound, and westbound, commuting, no delays between the schuylkill and 95. then when you get to the schuylkill and 95 it looks just as nice, things are just wide open. as we take a look here, this is 476, not too far away from the area of the mid-county toll plaza, again another place of good news, where not only are you traveling great on the blue route, but the pa turnpike, northeast extension, to two, 422, as you can tell, there is a pattern here. as we continue, taking a look now at speed censors in the area, again, when you see all of the green on the map, that's all good news for your commute. fifty your average on the schuylkill, 55 traveling on 476, and 55, even traveling on 95 through the construction zones. not seeing the build up of traffic just yet as you maneuver through cottman and girard in the southbound direction. if you are traveling amtrak, there is a suspension between dc and philly this morning, so, keep that in mind if that's where you are headed in regard to your trolleys, as well as buses, things moving fairly well, natasha? >> well, luck has apparently run out for another atlantic
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city casino. this is live picture of trump plaza, we're just an hour away from the last hand being dealt there at that casino. game willing will end at 6:00. ment more than a thousand employees will lose their jobs ultimately. the plaza is the fourth atlantic city casino to close it doors this year. the atlantic club, showboat, revel, already went out of business. and in november the trump taj mahal will also close. >> your time now 5:06. talk about saving the best for last, for the second straight week the eagles pull off huge second half come back. this time it came down to the last second in indianapolis. leslie van arsdale has a look back at that thrilling win. >> eagles taking on the colts in hostile territory, with depleted o line, birds have not won an indy in more than 20 years, chip kelly and the birds dug themselves out of another first half hole, and came out firing on all cylinders in the second. thirds down 26. shady mccoy punches it in for the one for his 50th career
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touchdown. they trail by seven. darren sproles, the smallest man the field, coming up big, gash g colts defense. had 178 yards in scrimmage, game tide. the colts regain the lead, but eagles respond, nick foles finding maclin, across the middle. that will tie up the game again. thirty-second left, codey park i, chance to beat his former team, the 36-yard feel goal is good. eagles go two and zero on the season, 30-27 the final. >> kind of just treat it like any other kick. missed one earlier in the game when my team needed me. i had to come back and redeem myself. >> next up for the birds, battle with the redskins, i'm leslie van arsdale, we send it back to the desk. >> and eagles nation probably little tired, but definately very happy after that come back. we caught one some excited fans about the birds second straight victory to start the season. >> almost had a heart attack because of the way they play. you know, a win is a win. that's all that matters.
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>> got a lot of work to do on defense, once they get the defense done, they'll be good. >> as leslie man sands, banged up redskins team sunday. desean jackson ready to play his old team. we'll talk about it coming up in sports. well, breaking news in afghanistan, three nato troops are killed and five more hurt after a suicide bombing in cobble. the taliban claimed responsibility for the car bombing on convoy just down the road from the us embassy. almost 20 other people were hurt. and the us continues to build a coalition of nations willing to join the fight against isis in iraq and syria. president obama meets today with retired marine general john allen, he retired last year, but is being called back into service to lead a coalition against the millitant group. the meeting comes after the us launched air strike yesterday, just southwest of baghdad. meanwhile, secretary of state, john kerrey, will be in paris today, attending a conference
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of world leaders. where he will be pressing for a global strategy to combat isis. well, happening today, president owe bamm al will travel to dc -- cbc headquarters in atlanta, outline new attack plan against the deadly ebola outbreak. in an effort to wrap up its response to the crisis, us is sending 3,000 military personnel to west africa to supply medical and logistical support. so far the outbreak is blamed for more than 2200 deaths. well, developing now, almost a dozen wild fires raging across california. >> now, we're seeing stunning new video, huge flames that are burning out of control. >> plus, a couple, too afraid to show their faces, after vicious beating in center city philadelphia. now they're telling their terrifying story, as police search for the group of attackers. >> and, more abuse allegations against adrian pediatric err son, just as the nfl star is cleared to return to the
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field. katie? >> and ukee, today ends up overall not a bad day. but, we are tracking some wet weather right now, on radar, and some of you might actually hear the raindrops falling out your window right now, we'll track the system, and i'll have much better news for the rest of the week, stick with us, full forecast on the other
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>> fifteen year olds girl found in the woods along the roosevelt boulevard is in the hospital. and looking into this as possible sexual assault. passerby found the girl unconscious lying near the guards rail along the 7600 block of the boulevard. police say she was wearing her school uniform, visible bruises on the back of her legs and a head wound. the girl is in stable condition while the special victims unit is investigating. a same sex couple is
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attacked in what philadelphia police are calling a possible hate crime. a group of strangers confronted the two men, thursday night, at 16th and chancellor streets in center city. now the beating left one of the men with a bone fracture in his face and his jaw wired shut. the victims says it all started after someone in the group asked whether the men were a couple. >> we want to find these people, because we don't want this to ever happen to somebody else again. it has already happened to us. we don't want this to ever happen to anyone else again. walking for piece of pizza, get beat up like this, not fair to anybody. >> you have people out there, that choose to engage in this casino of conduct. now, the police are using surveillance video to help track down the alleged attackers. 5:13. traffic and weather together on the 3's. good morning. >> good morning, everybody, generally speaking this will ends up being very quiet week of weather for us. front loaded when little wet weather news here initially, because we do have just what we would call more than anything a minor hiccup in the
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flow. actually taking nice wide zoom on storm scan3, to start it off, though, you can see, there is basically nothing happening right now to the northern planes, midwest, than is area of high pressure that will actually take over, for our region, as well, but this front has to cross through before this can happenment meantime tracking hurricane, category two, edward, still out here in the open waters of the atlantic, still despite its continued northwest movement at 13 miles per hour, expect it to recur of and it likely also gathers little bit every strength before it starts to, you know, hit some of the cooler water, and then have a chance to weaken in strength. at this point we don't expect any land impact. bermuda or atlantic, canada, certainly not the eastern coast of the us. certainly good news, your pollen report also some pretty good news, all things considered, despite some clear skies, generally, for the next couple every days, and ragweed, grasses, chenopod, the predominant pollen. at worse, low medium, right on the border line. so we walk you through today very quickly, few showers, few little pockets of these bursts
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of rain, just enough, that if you have to wait for bus or train, you may want to think about the umbrella but it is all out of here by lunchtime, and the second half of the day looks lovely, so you will be able to put the umbrella in the locker, sure to take it home with you. we expect more sunshine friday morning specially right now looks very cool, but again, overall this pattern is very pleasant in general. torrey? >> thank you, katie. also cents very pleasant on the roads. let's get you outside to very scenic view of the talcony palmyra bridge. you know it is really difficult to see, really dark outside. but if you are traveling the talcony, 73, traveling in either direction, things are moving pretty smoothly. however, 5:30 a.m. calling for the opening of the talcony for passing ship. so we continue to keep you updated on, that of course, as we head now over to the schuylkill expressway, 76, right around the area of 202, few more headlights in that eastbound direction, making their way down toward gulph mills. really no major problems at all, and not only on the schuylkill, it is 95, the vine st. expressway, blue route, pa
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turnpike, overall 5:15, nice commute this morning. however, if you are planning to use amtrak, service has been suspended, between washington and philadelphia, so, definitely going to need to update your commute plans this morning, in regard to. that will we head back to the desk. >> torrey, thank you. breaking news thomas the day's headlines on cbs36789 police in northeast philly say homeowner shot and killed a 32 year old man, he called climbing into the window of his apartment. it turns out the victim was the boyfriend of the man's 20 year old daughter. atlantic city trump plaza closes cents its doors in less than an hour, trump plaza, atlantic club and revel, as well as showboat have, all closed this year. a judge has approved its september 24th auction date for revel. and in sports, the eagles beat the colts last night in dramatic fashion. they had to battle back from 14th half deficit in indianapolis to win it 30 to 27. the rookie, rookie kicker codey parkey booted at the final gun. two and zero birds will host washington in south philly
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sunday. well, need a little bit after jolt to start your day after the late finish of the eagles game. yes, well, we are going to let you know where you can grab a free cup of coffee this morning. >> oh, that's right. every time they win, ya. also, it is being called a taste less fashion statement. why a clothing company will not sell this sweatshirt any longer. we'll be right back. good morning. ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken.
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>> time is running out for ray rice, the players union has until midnight tonight to file an appeal. the union says the league is punishing rice twice for the same offense. commissioner roger goodel initially suspended rice for two games from this video from inside the elevator release from the showing the attack. minnesota viking running back will be back on the field this sunday just days after he was charged with child abuse. peterson is accused of spanking his four year old
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son, with a small tree branch, which is also called a switch. meanwhile, our sister station in houston reports, peterson was also accused of abuse ago different four year old son last year, leaving a scar on his eye. he allegedly texted the boy's mother saying he hit his head-on the carseat. peterson's lawyer called those injuries accidental, and no charges were filed. well, some stunning new video meantime as a dangerous wild fire spreads through northern california, strong winds, fueling these huge flames, in the town of weed near the oregon border. now, this fire has already scorch at least 100 homes, and about 1500 people have been evacuated. there are 11 major wild fires now burning across california right now. and, take a lock at this fireball streaking through the sky there over new jersey. the meteor is about the size after small car. and it blazed across the sky more than 10 miles per second. about 200 people reported
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sealing this meteor late sunday night. the fireball did not cause any damage. wow. >> your time 5:21. a philadelphia legends getting ready to open his art collection to the world. finds out where you can soon see the impressive display. talk about one expensive outburst. jonathan papelbon learns his punishment for crude gesture to the fans. to the fans. we'll be right
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>> today will ends up being overall a pretty decent day. bit of wet weather for you, all courtesy of very speedy frontal boundary. so, over the last hour since we came on the air here at 4:30, we saw wet weather, few pockets of steady rain rolling through the western suburbs. they're already over basically
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the city, and points north and south, and they'll continue to move along pretty quickly. so that's at least some good news. but just watching out for some of these scattered bursts of rain. currently in the live neighborhood network, temperatures at least through the outlying suburbs still on the cool sidement technically little warmer than it was this same time yesterday. meanwhile, big open cup match going on in chester here tonight. good luck to the boys in blue. 67 degrees 7:30 this evening, and all of the wet weather we just showed you, long gone, we ends up with nice weather down the road, too. vittoria? >> thank you, katie. speaking of little bit of rain, we have little bit of rain traveling on the schuylkill expressway, let's get outside, see, first talcony palmyra bridge, we are expecting the bridge to open very, very shortly, in about six minutes, at 5:30, so traveling talcony, be minds full of that opening there. as we continue, taking a look now at the schuylkill expressway, very hard to see here. but you will notice, just a little bit of these sprinklings right here at the light. but, if you are traveling in either direction of the schuylkill, expect those slick
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spots out, there so use extra caution as you commute. if you are headed however on amtrak, service has been suspended between washington and philadelphia, they're having some overhead wire problems, and everywhere else, however, on the majors, traveling in the 50's, so not awful outside. ukee? >> thank you, torrey. eagles are now two and zero on the season and making a habit of come back wins. check out darren sproles, who had seven catches for 152 yards and four rushes for 26 yards, and a touchdown. his 51-yard run set up the game tying score, and then birds rookie kicker, codey parker, would win it 30 to 27. with a 36 yarder as time ran out. eagles mount double digit come back for the second week in a row, special teams in defense hung tough. next up washington at lincoln financial field sunday afternoon. and next week, when washington comes to town, they might not have desean jackson with them. desean says he wants to play, but his left shoulder injury could side line him for the
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game possibly. coach jay gruden says if he can play with the pain, he will play. matter of fact, washington could be down two offensive stars because quarterback robert griffin the third is definitely out of action this weekend. rgiii dislocated his ankle sunday and could miss the rest of the season. curbing cousins very capable will start sunday at lincoln financial field. you don't have to wait until sunday day to seymour football in two days, thursday night football returns to cbs-3. the tampa bay buccaneers take on the atlanta falcons, with local product, matt ryan. coverage starts at 7:30, right here on cbs36789. baseball now, phillies on the west coast for longest road trip of the season and they'll do it without closer jonathan papelbon. papelbon is suspended for seven games and fined an undisclosed amount for his antics at the end every sunday's lost to the marlins, ya, papelbon allowed four runs, lost the game, and gestured toward the booing fans. the phillies organization has apologized. now, last night in san diego,
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phils williams allowed one un earned run in seven plus innings, but the padres made it stand up. phillies managed only two hits off padres starter andrew cash nerve, who goes the distance for within hundred nothing win. phillies and padres later tonight, another 10:10 p.m. start here on the east coast. tonight at ppl park in chester the biggest game in the history of philadelphia union. it is the union against the seattle sounds ers, and the us open cup championship game. the us open cup is the oldest soccer tournament in the united states. game time 7:30 p.m. tonight in chester. doop, let's go union, yup yup. here's natasha. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, we're continuing to follow breaking news in home circle. jan? >> a 32 year old man is shot and killed after police say he made his way into a second story apartment here at home circle. i'm jan carabeo, coming up find out what he was possibly
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after. child abuse accusations against nfl start adrian peterson ignites new debate about the best way to punish children. and, vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on 39's, could be wet commute this morning, katie has more on that, we're back with you in just two minutes.
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>> ooh man is shot and killed trying to sneak in his girlfriends' apartment. right now, police are questioning the man who shot him. good morning, everyone. >> good morning, everyone, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in home circle, she has got the details of this investigation this morning. jan? >> reporter: natasha, ukee, a 32 year old man is dead this morning, police say, shot and killed, by a man, who lives in a second story apartment here in homes


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